What Im Feeling 

The feeling of a feeling that your feeling Stress builds heart spills body chills it gets real

Ready to be loved but the heart not ready to receive 

When the one you miss and love 

Diss and don’t miss you with love 

Do you still feel that love was from above 

When your hype is high 

But they give you cold expressions 

Is there a lesson or is that a blessing 

Do you move on because of one miss arrangement 

Do you love on and pray for engagement

Mixed feelings leading to endangerment 

Even if things are great physically 

Mentally scared in hopes of changing it 

Saddened views extends the news praying a new day you to can be back to infuse 


What I am Telling you 

I want you to know just how amazing you are without me telling youYet I want you to understand what I’m telling you 

I want you to know I have love for you without me telling you

Yet I want you to understand what I am telling you 

I want my words to show more than actions that’s what I’m telling you 

You are my queen but I want you to know without me telling you 

Yet I want you to understand what I am telling you 

The thrill of the hunt 

Happy to see if you can catch the prey 

Pray the prey get caught one day

Dangerous games many scared to play 

Pride gets in the way

Why many are scared to entertain 

Easy to break a heart 

Hate to be turned away 

Yet I want you to understand what I’m telling you 

See,Think,Physical and Mental

When I see you I see amazing 
When I see you I see someone mentally I’m craving
When I see you I see hurt and pain I wanna change it
When I see you in your heart is where I’m aiming 
When I think of you I think queen
When I think of you I think about a woman I dream bout in dreams
When I think of you I think strong minded,willed to be great by all means
When I think of you I think trust even when my mind going bad you always there to pick me up
Physically your built perfect awesome brown skin
Physically that smile can claim down many evil men
Physically just your walk can keep me happy all day 
Physically just a hand shake blows me away
Mentally you are unmatched 
Mentally your thoughts flow and the conversations we could have will always keeps me a glow
Mentally I be a fiend just wanna talk for hours I can never get enough of you you bring so much power
Mentally just a text from you could bring a smile to my face I think about you heavy every night and day
Mentally I kinda need you ,physically I wanna hug hold you 
Mentally you don’t how much you control me 

My future queen this is the beginning of our story


There has been many reasons why I should cry.There are many times I’ve tried to cry.

What do you do when the well runs dry.

Can there be a space and place to keep me from being shy.

Staring into the mirror to make myself cry.

Wanting to be glad once I see that first tear fly.

Out of my eyes into my mouth so I can taste the salt. 

Knowing if these tears are for joy or pain.

If it were pain wish it would halt.

If it was for happiness help me exult.

There are many reasons why I should cry.

There are many times I’ve tired to cry. 

Lend me your shoulder as I try to explain why.

People Switch 

It’s crazy how the world changes.

Cool people become strangers.

Saving face killing all of y’all arrangements.

Able to take many paces.

People will turn on you just because of things that they don’t need.

They move slow or zoom pass.

It was said that they are only here for a season.

Seriously who do they think they fooling.

I’ve been fooled many times still feeling steps behind.

Find a way to treat with love even when drenched with hate.

Different Things 


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The look in your eyes gives a peak into your soul.

The tone of your words gives a peak into your mind.

The things unsaid are kept all inside.

Like if I could spread your legs east and west taste what you would call the best.

Slow tongue French kiss putting  my lips on your lips,lick the drip, sip like hot tea then lick like icee’s.

You can rub the waves more than likely as I nibble but don’t bite hold my hands on the back of ya knees pushing them to your ears.

You gone say stop but the tongue deep inside puts an end to the fears.

Here is where it’s gets wild I’m on my back you on top my tongue I stick out as you proceed to mount.

One man said ride like a pony but you can ride the bull as I pull you more inside you can turn it into a slip n slide.

Why hide the feelings shown the bad thoughts you condone how bout you on all fours spread it open and take more.

Grab one hip and a shoulder slow stroke then speed up beat to the claps as I go deep and keep it going to beat it up.

You can use it like your fave toy cream it up and make it wet I wanna be the greatest or the best you’ve had yet.

Sands Of Time 


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An hour,An hour glass,Sand


Twenty four,sixty minutes, then …a day 

Waiting on the time you return.

There is no love to lose just hope we go till we both in an urn.

Together of course when time will allow.

Old photos and memories stain the brain proud.

Joys of a sad heart small moments need to seep .

Sand in the hour glass leads me to believe we will never stop moving like sand in the glass .

Turn it over is like turn a new page we get a new start to keep right. 

Thoughts of my San…

Wait you are the reason I put life in pencil Your Mistakes are the reason for the eraser .

I forget about them and keep the best for the pain on the paper.

Who can number the gains of sand in the glass.

Each grain can be a memory of the great things we have.

The tight space in the middle where it makes the sand fall slow that’s us holding on not wanting to go.

It may seem long to a person that doesn’t value time.

Like when you waiting one minute get off working to get work off your mind.

I wait for you patient like the minutes might rewind and take my mind back in time to when my heart could find.

Time after time division with more division I stare ever ready for your love that’s addiction .

Focused….. on..this…hour….glass.

An hour,An hour glass,Sand

The Truth is (Part 2)


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The truth is what you have you hold.

Hate to let go and be ready to never fold.

Forget the past stand strong and be bold.

Break the cycle of your parents be together until  the days you grow old.

Only love that one the those get no acces code.

Create a lock on your heart and lock in on your goals.

Great to see things are still strong so stay on that road.

Ripe for the picking was her heart came together from the cold.

Controlled bad intentions warmed her soul now she bold.

Being able to speak her mind without the bind.

Lined the path to your soul so you both can shine.

Miles(From You)


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Having a mental connection.
Having in mind the need for protection.
Wanting to have perfection.
The miles are crazy but the miles are crazy.
It’s too many miles away.
Can’t hold your baby or console your baby.
Does she love the same maybe.
The miles are crazy many miles from your baby.
There is only a mental connection.
Never seen in the physical but her words are strong close to keeping you warm.
From  a cold world a few saying live on.
She knows what to say to empower your day.
Wants to know your deepest thoughts so you never think astray.
Played too many games in past as most men do not on purpose just new to what real love do.
The miles are crazy too many miles from a real lady.

Do We or do I


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Thoughts, feelings, emotions and goals,
Taking time to understand,
Looking for ways to get better.
Active things are great but knowing its not,
Make time for extra loving,
Know when something is wrong and willing to change the course.
Build a better foundation,
Think of the other person first,
Just ask yourself.
“do we”
Then that can make things wonderful, happy and unique.
The feeling of feeling happy is priceless, less stress
Makes the best sex.
Words my seem random and out of place when you read this but do say “do i” or “do we” when speaking to your mate.